Monday, February 2, 2009

TGIF (February)

I'm so glad that February is here. It brings me one teeny step closer to the next step in my protocol. I'm on day 19 of BCP, and got a new script filled last night. Guess I'll only be using about half of that pack. I will be SO glad to be off them. Other than some teenager pimples it hasn't been bad....but still it's the PILL. Who would have thought I'd have come full circle after 4 years of trying. All Dan can do is laugh and roll his eyes when he sees the tell-tale BCP case.

I've started reading book #2 for 2009 and have been ploughing through it. It's called If You Lived Here by Dana Sachs...http://www.amazon.com/If-You-Lived-Here-Novel/dp/0061130494/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233613031&sr=1-2

It's about IF and the quest to adopt a child and the subsequent chaos caused by that. I believe it's fictional, but there are some sentences that are just SPOT ON. I had to read them a few times b/c they were SO accurate. I don't have the book with me, but I'll try to remember to pull out a few sentences for this entry. Anyhoo...I'm not done, but so far I would highly recommend it.

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Jennifer said...

I'm hoping it's a nice quick February for you -- come on March!!