Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm supressed!

I had my supression check yesterday which means that they drew blood to check my E2 and did an u/s to make sure my ovaries were calm. All looked good. My antral follicle count was 26, which is good. That is basically a count of all the little follies I have in there right now, but really I don't think it means much, b/c they could retrieve more or less than 26 (probably alot less!), so I really don't get the point.

My E2 was below 20. I guess they don't need to get more specific than that. This proves my point that I am currently operating at the same estrogen level as a menopausal woman. I found this stat on line.

"In menopause, the estradiol levels typically are less than 32 pg/ml and often <10."

Yep, that's me...going through a quickie menopause at 34. Fun stuff:-/

Of course now that I have one IVF under my belt I will obsessively compare this cycle with that one. Let's start now, shall we? My E2 at supression check with IVF #1 was 28; this time it's less than 20. I'm attributing this difference to the BCP that I took this time. Good/bad/doesn't matter? I have no idea.

I start stims tomorrow night. 150 IUs from Fri-Mon, and then go back on Tues for more b/w.

I had the talk with my new boss yesterday and all went well, so that's off my plate. I finished our taxes (and we get money back!) so that's done also. It's nice to be able to cross stuff off the list.

Wow, this post seems really choppy and garbled to me. I don't seem to be making much of a point. I guess that is indicative of my mental health right now:-)


Leah said...

Good luck! I hope this is it for you!!! I'll keep everything I've got crossed!

andrea said...

Stims = better days!! AFC was amazing too!