Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happy due date to me...

I've been so incredibly busy today, I just now realized today is Feb 18, which would have been my due date for a singleton, had IVF #1 worked. Had IVF #1 worked (with twins!) I would have been due Jan 27, so I would already have had at least 3 weeks of mommy-hood.

But here I am again, getting ready to feel like a human pin cushion whose sense of modesty will get thrown out the window once again. Who am I kidding though. My sense of modesty is LONG gone, and those who really know me, know how modest I really used to be. This sucks.

Dan got a little sappy last night and told me how grateful he was that I was so supportive of him. I got sappy right back and told him how thankful I was that he is willing to let us proceed down this path of the unknown...all the while spending just about every last penny we have. If he would ever put up a fight to stop trying, I definately wouldn't blame him, and honestly don't know how hard I'd fight back:-(


Rebekah said...

I hate that you had to get to this milestone emptyhanded. I was in the same place back in Dec. Praying for you and for your miracle!

Bluebird said...

Sometimes I just really hate the calendar. I'm tempted to set it on fire :) So sorry you've gotten to this place.

So glad though that you have an awesome and supporting husband!

Anonymous said...

OMG that stinks. I didn't realize. Ugh, no fair we're still at this! I'm glad Dan is so great about it though!