Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting over a month for today. I get to start Lupron tonight!!!!! I don't know why I'm so excited...I guess I have the hurry up and wait mentality. Although I start tonight, I won't know what's going on in there for 2 weeks. My protocol is to take 20 IUs for the next 14 days, and go in for u/s and b/w on 2/25. In other words...this is just a boring period of time as the BCP phase.

And I'm SO glad that's almost over. I take 5 more BCP and I'm done. Finally.

I'm starting to get anxious. I want to be positive, but...it's not my first time at the rodeo. I know all too well that IVF #2 might not work. In fact, there is a 50% chance that it won't work. Actually, scratch that...last time Dan and I saw Dr. K she had a 57% chance of success stat that she read to me, based on all our info, and her clinic. I suppose I'm happy to be over the 50% mark. But. Ugh. This is going to be torture.

As I was saying, I want to be positive, that is my nature. But I also want to be realistic, which to me pretty much means going into this assuming it won't work. Nothing like having low expectations, huh;-) Seriously. I'd rather be prepared for the worst and get the best, that be overly optimistic and have my heart broken again. Not to mention the bank account.

Thankfully, I don't think we'll need to ask MIL for money. We'll pay for 1/2 this time, and my parents the other 1/2. If it comes to #3(GASP) it'll be time to hit her up again. If I could even go through it again.

Whoevers reading...please send me good thoughts.


Stacy said...

Sending lots and lots of good luck your way!

sunflowerchilde said...

Definitely sending good thoughts your way (from another Stacey). Good luck!

Sara Scissors said...

You always have my good thoughts. I'm having one of those less than optimistic days myself. Just wrote about it in my blog actually. Think it has something to do with this gloomy weather! I'm glad you're into the next step...just don't have TOO much fun with those shots alright! :)

Bluebird said...

Good luck sweetie! Will definitely be thinking of you and will have all my fingers crossed.

Gina said...

Sending tons of good luck vibes your way!!!

Kristin said...

good luck! good luck! good luck!