Thursday, January 29, 2009

something positive

I was reading back through my last several posts and I have to say my life seems pretty craptastic, huh? It's really not so bad, I just tend to only write about IF stuff (it's an IF blog, duh!), and that's obviously a very negative topic at the moment. Here's my attempt at something more positive.

I love to read, I think I've said so before. My positive, optimistic side says that I am going to read 36 books in 2009. 3 a month. I can handle that. The only slight problem is I'm still finishing book #1 and it's the end of January...so I guess I better get going. The good news is that I have easily 36 un-read books at home, so I won't need to buy any! Yes, I am a book hoarder.

I'm currently reading Outlander (which is over 600 pages and the reason I haven't read more so far this year), along with some of the other Nestie girls. I'm loving it, although I told someone yesterday it seems more like a trashy novel at times, with a half naked Damsel in Distress on the cover:-) Guess we need a little bit of that in our lives every once in a while, right?!

In IF news...still on the pill (until Feb 15). Still feels like we're on hold. Slightly afraid of over supression from the pill but I'm trying to quell (don't think that's spelled right) all negative thoughts. Dr. K wouldn't have me on it if she didn't think it would help.


Bluebird said...

I'm so glad to have found others who enjoy reading like I do! I kept meaning to start Outlander with you girls - so, you really like it?? I'd love to try to read that many books - I used to, for sure, but now I read all day for work and I get burnt out. GL to you on reaching your goal!

stacey said...

Bluebird-Outlander is good! I knew it must be when I went to 3 bookstores and they were all out. I finally got it from the library.

Katie said...

Oh I love the whole Outlander series. The ladies at my old job all read them at the same time and I got my mom hooked.

sunflowerchilde said...

I loved the Outlander series, too. They reminded me of trashy novels once in a while when I was reading them, but they are fantastic!