Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have you prayed to God??

I was talking to my mom this morning, about IVF #2 and potential dates and things like that. She asks me "have you prayed to God." My response was "I've prayed to everyone."
Her response? "Who is everyone??? God is the one."
She is a very religious person, I get that. But I'm not.
My response was "I've prayed to everyone and everything I thought would listen." (Which is true).

Then she asked if Dan has prayed to God about this. Um, yes. She goes on to say that he should have some religion in him since he was raised Presbyterian.

I tried to get off the religion topic by reminding her this isn't a faith issue, it is a physical issue. She continues to not get it, and THEN says "maybe you aren't counting the days right".

UMM...EXCUSE ME?!?! I've been trying to have a baby for FOUR years and I don't "count the days right?"

She had to get off the phone so we didn't finish the conversation, but seriously. SERIOUSLY! Why don't people THINK before they SPEAK?

The more I think about this conversation, the more angry it is making me. Does she just think we've been picking our noses for the last 4 years?


Leah said...

Makes you crazy huh? They just don't get it. Sorry!

Jennifer said...

I totally get wht you're talking about. It would make me crazy when someone would say to me "I think you're trying too hard" or just jokingly, "are you sure you're doing it right? ha ha ha" Um, yes, we are freaking doing it right and there is no such thing as trying too hard for something you really want in my eyes. People just don't get it. xo

Rebekah said...

I know this isn't funny, but I laughed out loud at "maybe you aren't counting the days right." That's a new one! Sorry :(

Kristin said...

i think it's just really hard for anyone who hasn't been through this to truly understand what's going on. everyone just assumes there's some magic thing to do and everything will be OK, when it's not that way at all. we're infertile. it's a disease. there's nothing we can do to change it. all we can do is hope that whatever ART strategy we've picked works. (i'm so glad my mom seems to get it; or at least she's smart enough to not ask me questions like this.)

Rachel said...

oh no.. I'm so sorry... the counting the days thing is beyond ridiculous.. but most people who think that way are fortunate enough not to have to deal with IF :(