Monday, December 1, 2008

Crazy day

Our wonderful furry friend Sierra got into the raisin bran this morning. I'd heard that raisins/grapes were bad for dogs, but I'd never really looked into it. It is indeed true. They can cause renal failure. By the time I realized I left the bag where she could get, she'd already eaten what was left (about 1/4 of the bag). I freaked out and called the vet. She instructed me to give her hydrogen peroxide, which would make her throw up. 1) I had no hydrogen peroxide, 2) how was I going to give it to her. I went to the pharmacy, got the peroxide and ended up using one of my ginormous PIO needles to get it down her throat. Like clockwork, she threw up about 10 minutes later.

I talked to the vet later in the day. All appeared fine, but she offered to give her charcoal to clear anything out that might not have been thrown up. I figured better safe than sorry, so off we went to the vet to get her charcoaled. Let me tell you...that stuff looked Yummy (sarcasm here). However, now all should be well, except for some black poo that they told me to expect the next few days.

In IF news, I had my u/s and b/w this morning. E2 is up to 81 and I had 2 measurable follicles. I'll continue on same dose of meds tonight and tomorrow and go back Wed for another check. I looked back at my last 2 injectible cycles. If they are representative, I can expect to trigger on Wed or Thur, with IUI on Fri or Sat.

BTW--I think I decided against the tree:-(

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