Monday, December 29, 2008

Results from monitoring this morning

Well. The increase in my meds appears to be working. I had 6 follies measuring over 10, with 2 in the lead, and 2 at the back of the line measuring 10. My E2 was 564. (To compare, last cycle when I only had one mature follicle my E2 only got to about 180 at my last b/w). So there should definately be more than one ready to go:-) I'll go back on Wed morning, after two more nights at my increased dose. My nurse thinks I'll trigger Wed night with IUI on Friday. I actually can't believe Dr. K isn't lowering for these last 2 nights. I suppose now I'm a little afraid that she'll re-think things and try to talk me out of this IUI if there are multiple mature follies. I say bring it on:-)

We also got the results of Dan's sperm freezing. Now that I'm thinking about the #s the nurse read me, it's not adding up though. I thought she said he had just over 98 million guys, with about 78 million being motile. But then she said we had 6 vials frozen, with 40 million in each one. That is what isn't adding up. oh well. All I care about is that there's enough for IUI #7 (plus we still have one vial frozen from before this most recent freeze). that should also hopefully get us through IVF #2.

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Leah said...

Don't let them cancel your cycle! You have been through too much! I pray this is it for you!!