Sunday, December 21, 2008

On to IUI #7

AF showed in full force this morning. Believe it or not, this is a GOOD thing. Last cycle was my first cycle post endo removal, and I spotted about 6 days, which is the norm for me. This cycle, I only spotted 3 days. I will look at this as progress:-)

Anyhoo...I'll call tomorrow for my cd3 u/s and b/w on Tuesday, and we'll be off and running again. IUI #7 would be around Jan 2. This is assuming that we are able to freeze more of Dan's sperm. After IUI #6 we only had one vial left, and we typically need 2 to get enough for one IUI. So hopefully he can do his thing on Tuesday too...and then that will be off my mind. Let's hope so.

Otherwise, it's been a busy weekend. I'm jumping from project to project today...so not getting anything DONE, but at least making progress on lots of things.

I talked Dan into getting our pics taken with Santa Paws at Petsmart this weekend. Here's the outcome. I like it! Sierra was such a good girl:-)


Stacy said...

I love the Santa pic. Too cute!

Good luck with IUI #7.

Leah said...

I read your post about your last cycle being a bust. Sorry to hear that. Does your doctor say anything about you spotting so early? I am having major issues with that and we are trying to stop it. I start bleeding even on progesterone. Just wondering if you were in the same boat???