Thursday, December 18, 2008

The spotting has started...

Yep, you read right. I started spotting yesterday, which means IUI #6 is a bust. Just lovely. I'm not upset. It is what it is. I had low (very low) expectations for this cycle to work...so it looks like I did a great job in meeting that expectation. My "test" day is this Saturday...but at least the spotting will save a pregnancy test. And no...I have no hope that this spotting is implantation, or any other indication of pregnancy.

I am not pregnant. Again.

Thanks to (another!) generous nestie, I'll be able to do one more IUI cycle prior to moving to IVF #2. Do I have much hope it will work? No. But it's worth a try.

I signed up for Flex Spending again for 2009, which means that $450 will be taken from my paycheck each month...to be spent on medical expenses. At least if we have to do IVF again, there's 5K that can be applied immediately. I did the same thing this year...so won't miss (too much) that $450 each month.

As for my 2nd opinion appt with Dr. S.ilber...I have decided that I really didn't like him. I will take his main 2 ideas to Dr. k and see what she says. It seems that some some sort of sedation at ET is fairly common, so I don't imagine she would put up much of an argument with that.

On to IUI #7.