Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cup o' sperm in the bra, anyone???

I know a few of you are guilty of this, you HAVE to be:-) That was me this morning. Dan's "job" this morning went off without a hitch, ahead of schedule actually so neither of us stressed too much, although last night was tense, with the thoughts of what needed to be done today.

It is freezing here, literally. Usually, I hold the cup between my legs for the car ride to Dr K's office, but I was afraid even that wouldn't keep it at the right temp. So in my bra it went. ANd it arrived safe and sound. Phew. Dan said "I hope there's a baby in there." My response was, "I have no doubt there's a baby in there, it's my uterus I'm worried about."

Anyhoo...they will wash the sperm, and then freeze it into vials of about 10 million. Last time (last Dec!) Dan had to do this we got 11 vials, which was WAY more than expected. I don't expect that will happen again, but it would be great to get enough for this IUI + a few more cycles. We typically use 2 vials per IUI.

In addition to dropping off this lovely specimin, I had my cd3 u/s and b/w today. All looked good. I have 25+ antral follies just ready to start growing. Between u/s and b/w I saw Dr. K in the hall. I wasn't sure she would recognize me (baseball cap and no make-up thanks to Dan eagerness to do his thing), but she did. She gave me a hug, told me she was sorry about the last cycle and asked how I was. I just got so darn emotional. Once in the car I cried, but I held it together in the office. I did ask her if she would increase my Gonal since last cycle only gave me one mature follicle. She reminded my nicely that one is all they hope for, but that she would review my chart prior to calling me with instructions.

She DID increase my meds, to 150 Gonal, which is up from 112.5 last cycle. I'll take that for 4 days, and go back in Sat morning to see what's going on. I suspect if we see more growth than with last cycle she'll probably lower it back to 112.5. I would be fine with that, I just wanted a little extra jump start which she thankfully gave me.

ANd I have decided that the next step is IVF #2. No more IUI's for me.

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