Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two follicles so far!

The title of this post isn't so exciting, but *is* accurate. I went in today for my cd7 monitoring appt. I have 2 measurable follies on the R ovary, and a "group" of smallish ones on the left, and it looked like one of those in the group was taking the lead.

Here's to hoping and praying for THREE this time, although I will settle for two. Well actually, as we all know, I'll settle for one...but the more the merrier. The increased Gonal-F seems to be doing it's job (thank you very much me, for begging Dr. K to increase it:-)) I'll stay on 150 IU's tonight and tomorrow and go back on Monday morning.

I'm guessing IUI #7 will be Jan 1 or 2.

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andrea said...

My bff and I last night were talking about our favorite facebook update posts and your "10 million" one was our favorite!!
Good luck on this cycle - grow follies grow!!