Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thoughts and prayers for a friend please

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Nest, it's an online community full of supportive, helpful, and caring women who have/had trouble trying to conceive. I'm had the luck to meet 3 of these ladies in person, and to become friends with them. This post is about my friend Amy (aka Snugglepoops on the Nest). Her husband Matt was diagnosed a few months ago with brain cancer. They are both 30 years old, and expecting their first baby after going through IVF. He was in the hospital for several weeks before they could determine a diagnosis. The cancer is in an area of his brain where they can't operate so they are treating him with chemo and radiation.

They have to stay with Matt's parents because Amy, being almost 6 months pregnant, can't take care of him on her own. She sent me a text last night and asked for thoughts and prayers since he is not out of the woods. If you pray, please pray. If you don't, please send some positive thoughts their way. This should be such a happy time for them, and it just isn't.

Amy, hope you don't mind I am blogging about this. I thought the more thoughts/prayers sent your way...the better. I'm always thinking about you!

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sara said...

That is just horrible news about your friend's husband... I am sending both good thoughts AND prayers!!!