Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's officially a FET cycle!!!

I got my treatment plan yesterday, on what was my cd1. I started Estrace and doxy yesterday. I seriously need to set my alarm to remember to take this stuff. Estrace I take 3 x a day; doxy 2 x a day. Also a prenatal vitamin. However, the warning on the Doxy bottle says don't take within 2 hours of meds containing calcium or iron, so now I guess i have to take the prenatal at lunchtime with the Estrace. At least they gave me a calendar so I can just check off after I take each one.

My Medrol and PIO should arrive today from IVPCare. Can't wait to pull those 2 inch needles out of the box:-(

I will go in for an u/s and b/w on Sept 5 to monitor my lining and progesterone. If all looks good, meaning my lining is nice and thick and p4 is low, I will start the PIO shots on Sept 7, with the FET on Sept 12. Yes, I know I've already said that, but I'm excited that I have an official date, even if it is 2 weeks after the original plan. 23 days from now those embryos will be getting ready to go back home:-)))

I know the odds of all 3 making it through the thawing process are not good...but a girl can hope can't she?

Oh, and I paid our $660 deposit yesterday. The rest is due date of FET. It doesn't seem so harsh that way.

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andrea said...

I'm sorry that AF came but it's great that you are getting started on your FET. Of course all 3 will make it through the thaw! Can you imagine triplets?