Monday, August 11, 2008

job interviews!!

I work for a university, which has always been great. The two bad things are 1) when you work for grants as I do, there is a certain about of job insecurity every few years as money runs out of grants, and 2) my university chooses not to cover any IF related expenses.

The grant that I work on is coming to an end, and I am on the job hunt, wanting to stay within the university system. I had an interview on Friday which went really well. It would be a lot more responsibility than the project coordination I do now. Which would probably mean a raise! As of this morning, they had already checked a reference, so I guess they liked me:-) I had another interview today with another team that didn't impress me too much. It would be alot of what I'm doing now, but I *think* I am ready to grow and expand my skills to the next level. In any event, job hunting sucks. I hate that nervous feeling before an interview.

In IF related news, I just ordered my FET meds! Two will be coming from a local pharmacy, and the others from IVPCare. The lady asked if I'd had any s/e from the PIO before, and I said nope, only a bruised butt. She laughed and said she understood...but I doubt it.

I'm just waiting for AF now. She could be here tomorrow but I've had NO spotting, and have a hx of spotting at least 5 days before she shows. I did acu prior to my IVF cycle and although it didn't help with my BFP, I think it may have helped with the spotting issue.

Of course I have a tiny inkling of hope that the Clomid combined with our "relax and see what happens" vacation may have done the trick.


SheWoreScarletBegonias said...

hi there!!
I just wanted to wish you luck with the job, I hope you get the one you want. I haven't been chatting much on the boards lately (I get too sad), but I do check in often to see how all are doing.
Good Luck with the FET, I hope this is the lucky one for you!!!

Two of a Kind said...

I forgot you were trying the clomid this month! I am so hopeful for that! It seems strange to go back to clomid and timed intercourse after all that you have been through - but you wouldn't be the first with success!!