Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a party for babies???

I had a staff meeting today. It was brought to my attention that since Jan 2008, 7 babies have been born to women in my department. Well, I take that back, one was through adoption, so 6 woman have actually given birth. But anyway, it was then suggested that we have a get-together for all the babies to celebrate. What? Seriously? I think I might be sick that day. When the whole discussion started of course, I was paranoid everyone would look at me as if to say "you're next". I was ready with the comeback of "I'm sure my infertilty dr would love that too." Didn't get to use it though.


Lisa said...

Oh G-d, I actually shivered as I read this at the thought of 7 women at work all bringing their young babies in. Yep, I think you'll be sick that day!

Rebekah said...

Cough...cough...yep, something is definitely going around :)

I hope you are next!