Friday, August 15, 2008

Still no period

Hmmm. It's Friday afternoon, and no hint of spotting. I guess the pessimistic side of me is thinking my LP is just extra long b/c of Clomid, but it never has been before. I still don't really expect to get lucky, so I'm just biding my time, getting anxious every time I go to the bathroom. Fun stuff for sure. If I haven't started by Monday, I will test. That will be a long enough wait, and if I were to be pregnant, it should for sure show up + by then. If not, I'll call my RE nurse and see if she can give me some meds to kick start AF. So for now...I just wait.

I plan on staying busy this weekend. I have a quilt to finish for a wedding in Sept. I don't except to finish it all, but should get a good head start.

I may post some pics on here too, to make it a little more interesting. So much good news on the Nest today. While I am thrilled for everyone, I can't help but wonder when it's going to happen for me. I have waited long enough. I told a co-worker about my IVF today. I wasn't going to, but it just came out. She's pregnant and due next week!!! She had so many questions, and was so supportive. I showed her the pic of our transferred embies. I'll try to upload the pic here. Just think...3 more of those little guys (or girls!) are waiting patiently right now:-)

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Lisa said...

I hope this is it for you!! Getting through the weekend without testing - you're stronger than me!

Yes, it's hard to see so many successes on the Nest when you've been trying for so long....it doesn't mean we can't be happy for them, but, it does "hurt" a little inside.