Thursday, August 14, 2008

AF is MIA...

Not sure what to make of this. I'm really trying not let my thoughts go "there." Here's the deal. I took Clomid this cycle (RE said that we had such good IVF fert rates, then why not). I won't go into details but I'm not sure when I O'd. Based on my very regular cycles, I expected AF this past Tuesday. No show. Guessing when I *might* have O'd, I expect her tomorrow. But, I ALWAYS spot pre-AF, it's just what I do. And so far, at 4 pm today...no spotting.

What's really pissing me off is that if I am just "late" (which I have never been on Clomid), this is pushing my FET back to Sept 5. RE only does FET's on Fridays. So that sucks. I want those Stancey embryos back in me ASAP. I think about them all the time these days. Just sitting there in the freezer...waiting to be warmed up:-)

Guess I'm just going to hang out and wait. And trust me, I am analyzing the TP!!! If I haven't started by Monday I will take a test. I don't have the luck for this to actually happen for me this way. But a girl can hope!

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