Monday, August 18, 2008

FET is put off ANOTHER week.

I cannot deal with this! I called RE nurse today to let her know I was a week late starting AF, and so she could re-schedule me. I went from FET on 8/29 to FET on 9/12. This sucks! Because AF is a week late, it's putting me off 2 MORE weeks. Apparently I have to be on Estrace for at least 12 days. She said RE may bring me in on 8/29 for an u/s to monitor my lining, but she's almost positive I won't get that u/s until 9/5, with PIO starting on 9/7 and FET on 9/12.

I want to do it NOW. I want those embryos back in there YESTERDAY:-(

I also have to make the $3000 call to the financial lady. Woohoo. Yippee. Can't wait to do that. It is so not fair that I have to PAY to have a baby. I think I should get into the crackwhore/streetcorner industry and I'd be knocked up like that. BLAH


Stacy said...

(((BIG HUGS))) I am sending lots of good thoughts your way for the FET!

t.bird said...

09/12- same week as me! i pray that, that is a super lucky fertile week!!!!