Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NT scan and other updates

Sorry to those of you calling/e-mailing me for updates. I feel like a big piece of poo. Who would have guessed that I could get through 12 weeks of a twin pregnancy, only to start puking my guts up at 12 weeks exactly. I threw up SIX times on Sunday. The worst part is the vomiting is so violent that I pee on myself at the same time.


Monday I didn't feel great but didn't puke. Last night, 5 hours after I ate my dinner, it all came up. And I peed on myself again:(

I haven't taken my Prozac or PNV since Sunday, which is what I took that stimulated the morning puke session.

I am exhausted. I've been sick on and off for about a month with cold-like symptoms. I just can't shake it, I assume because my immune system is not what it used to be. My head pounds daily. I take at least 4 Tylenol a day, but they don't do much to ease the head pounding.

We had our NT scan yesterday so I took 1/2 day of vacation. I went home after the appt and slept for 2 hours and was STILL exhausted. Dan looks at me like I am lying. Oh, if ONLY I was lying about how tired I am. I don't understand how I am supposed to keep up like this? I guess I should be happy that it hasn't really kicked in until now?

Onto the NT scan. All went well and both babies were very cooperative. The tech said all measurements were within normal range and I should get a call from the genetic counselor tomorrow to let me know our risk of Downs and whatever else they test for. After seeing babies on u/s again, Dan and I both think Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy.

Baby A was just chillin' and let the tech get the cutsie profile shots. It took her 5 tries to even get a heart rate on Baby B, not b/c there was an issue but b/c it (he??) was moving all over the place. At one point she got an "aerial" shot looking down on its head and you can see the arms going crazy, like it was karate chopping or something. Apparently, we have very stereotypical views of boys/girls, b/c this is what we are basing our very unscientific theory on:)

I saw Baby A swallowing, which was very cute. The tech was SO close to the "money shot." She showed us a view of the upper legs, from knees to hip, and I asked her to guess but she wouldn't:( So, we have 6 more weeks to find out the sexes.

Baby A's heartrate was 157. Not sure what we got on Baby B.

Oh, and I found out that Baby A is sitting toward my right, posterior placenta and Baby B is camped out on the back of my ute, anterior placenta. Sophie had an anterior placenta and I swear this is why 1) I didn't feel her moving until much later and 2) that I never looked that "big."

I will post u/s pics soon, I swear, as well as some new ones of Sophie.

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Dazzle29 said...

I often read your TTC journey and it gives me some hope. Congrats on the success that you have had xx