Friday, March 11, 2011

peaceful oblivion no more

In my bout with insomnia last night, I got a bit paranoid. Funny how night-time waking can do funny things to your brain. I started thinking that maybe something was wrong with one/both babies, maybe a heartbeat (or two) stopped.

So, I called Dr. S office this morning and they were able to get me in for an u/s. I had actualaly only requested a heartbeat check, which they usually just do with the doppler. But, they told me that 1) at this early stage the doppler might not pick up the heartbeat, and 2) even if the doppler could pick up the hb, it would be hard at this point to determine if we were hearing both heartbeats. I forgot about the crappy u/s machine they use for situations like this. They have the new, high-tech one like Dr. K's office, but they also have a smaller, antiquated one that they wheel from room to room.

Anyhoo...both babies are still there, both hearts still beating. She was able to differentiate one lying down and one sitting up (as much as you can at this stage I guess??). Their feet were facing each other so it looked like my sweet little fuzzy blobs were playing footsie;)

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