Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 months

I am SO late in posting about Sophie's 15 months stats, but better late than never. Officially, she weighed 24.5 pounds (80th percentile), head was also 80th and height was 20-25th percentile. She's definately inherited my vertical challenges. The appt itself went fine. We talked about when to reduce/cut out her pacifer use. Dr. R said as soon as possible. She asked how many words Sophie is saying and we had to say none, but she didn't seem concerned.

Unofficial stats are below...and I found this great template on someone else's blog that I am borrowing!

Size 18 months and some 24 months, although she still fits in some 12 month clothes also.

Hair: Leaning towards strawberry blonde. No haircuts recently since I'm trying to grow her bangs out long enough to tuck behind her ears. I had bangs growing up and hated them, plus they are so much more maintainance.

Teeth: We think she has 12 teeth, 8 front top and bottom, plus one molar top and bottom each side. Dr. R couldn't even get in there to see!

Sleeping: 12 hours, typically 7-7. One-two names during the day.

Eating: all the time. She is constantly signed "more" which in her world ONLY means food. She will bring an empty plastic ware bowl to us to fill up with something (anything). She still eats about anything, but loves the finger foods she can serve herself. Loves fruit of any kind, veggies have been pushed to the side lately. CHicken tenders are another definate winner.

Movement: Walking every where; no more crawling. Not running yet though.

Milestones: Hmmm...first cold?! It was horrible. She was up almost the entire night because she couldn't sleep/breath:( She can roll on to her belly and scoot off of our bed feet-first.

Favorite toys/activities: She loves her plastic stackable rings, and has started bringing books to us, although she doesn't necessarily want us to read them:) She loves the tupperware drawer and will play with the plastic ware for HOURS.

Dislikes: Getting her face/hands wiped after a meal, bathtime STILL.

Words/sounds: No definate words yet. SHe says something that sounds like "ish." I think she's trying to say "this." She sort of says daddy but in all one sylable.

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