Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's real

So, it hit me today, as we were leaving my first OB appt. We are having twins. Twins. TWINS. This is not a "normal" pregnancy. I was SO sure my normally laid back DR would just congratulate me and send me on my way. Of course, I had a lot of questions for her, but I thought she'd answer them more to humor me than anything. Not so much.

The first question was from Dan. "What about a C-Section?" I didn't even know he'd been THINKING about it. For all those anti-section readers, I must preface this by saying that Dr. S is normally very PRO vagingal birth. Her response was "A C-Section is a very real possibity." I listened to them chat back and forth for a minute and then jumped in and said "for the record, I'd really like to try vaginal." Of course Dr. S was fine with that, but did tell me it's a distinct possibility that I could have the first one vaginally, but the 2nd would have to be taken via C-Section. For those reasons, even a vaginal birth is going to take place in the OR. OR=SCARY. This was my first slap in the face of reality.

Next up "what about bed rest?" Dr S said "I normally have my twin moms cut down to part time at 28 weeks." WHAT??? Really? "Can I work from home?" "Maybe. It depends." I have a JOB people, that pays the MAJORITY of our bills! Obviously, I'd use my sick/vacation time if need be, but then that is less time to be home after babies are born. We can NOT afford for me to be on un-paid leave.

"We're going out of town when I'll be 25 weeks pregnant. That's fine, right?" She just looked at me, and finally put me in my place (for lack of a better term). "This is not a singleton pregnancy. Of course I hope that it doesn't have complications, but I cannot guarentee you that you'll be able to travel." "Well, how about driving instead of flying?" Once I told her it was a 9 hour drive she just looked at me and said "you are NOT going to be comfortable being in a car that long." So now, that's on hold. She said if we want a vacation, we need to take it before 20 weeks.

Otherwise, what I learned is:
1) monitoring every 4 weeks until 20 weeks, then down to every 2 weeks.
2) u/s (with the GOOD machine, I think!!!) at every appt. YAY!!
3) NT scan is being scheduled.
4) she was wishy-washy about weight gain, saying that I needed an extra 600 calories a day (not 300). She told me to weigh myself every few days and evaluate my eating habits if I noticed a significant increase. For the record, I've gained 5 pounds in 10 weeks.
5) Anatomy scan scheduled for May 10!!!!!!
6) She is writing a note so that I can get a disabled tag for my car, when at work.
7) I can pick up Sophie, but nothing else that weighs more than 25 pounds.
8) I should NOT start any new excercise/increase walking, etc.

Oh, and the best news is that we got to see babies again:) I really LOVE Dr. S, even though you might not be able to tell it from this post. I've just never had her be so strict before!

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