Thursday, November 26, 2009


Those easily grossed out need not read further.

One of the goals of the membrane stripping came to fruition this morning. My mucous plug has left the building. I've always wondered if I'd know what it was, even before I got pregnant I wondered. The answer is yes, I knew what it was:) This pre-labor stuff continues to be super sexy, huh???

So we're one step closer! Thanksgiving plans will continue to go as planned, as long as I am feeling ok. I'm dreading the ride to/from my parents house, which is almost 1 hour each way, but we'll eat quickly and then get back home. I'll be much happier once we are closer to home/hospital.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Fran said...

Oh Stacey it may be just a matter f hours before the real thing starts then!! You are in my toughts and i can't wait to meet the little one. Much love, Fran

Stacy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to meet Sophie!