Friday, November 6, 2009

a lopsided honeydew

Yep, still a honeydew this week.

She's doing some interesting gymnastics in there. Last night, lying on the couch I felt this very odd sensation. I lifted up my shirt and the left side of my stomach was easily an inch higher than the right side, and hard as a rock. That's been the first real alien-esque movement I have noticed. Dan wasn't really on the level to see the lopsided-ness, but did feel the hard ball of....something...who knows what. Crazy.

She continues to move ALOT. I thought it was supposed to slow down but maybe not this early?? I've also noticed that she is very active between about 4-6 am. Is this a harbinger of things to come?

My heartburn is getting worse. I also thought THAT was supposed to stop soon-it needs to-it hurts again, even with Zantac. The peeing is more managable. Despite the fact that I still go alot, at least I can *go* and get some relief!

I am also wearing down quickly. This is probably exacerbated by my work schedule the past few days, so I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Hope to get nursery done this weekend. We'll see how my energy level feels about that. Dan and I are also trying to get out and do things that we probably won't be able to do for awhile (i.e. movies, dinner, sporting events, etc). Hopefully we can get something in this weekend.

It's obvious that Sierra knows there is a new reason to be protective. We both believe she knew I was pregnant before we did, but it's clear now that she knows something is up. She always sleeps next to me, that isn't different. But what IS different is that she'll wake me up in the middle of the night as she is getting cozy trying to cover my belly. She'll just scoot up as close as possible, sometimes ending up lying ON my stomach. She definately knows there is something in there, and feels very protective of it. She's also started to get between me and Dan at times. I guess she senses some potential danger. It is very sweet though, even if she does wake me up:)


Bluebird said...

That's adorable :) My dogs haven't really acted different during either pregnancy - I think they're just too self absorbed! Although maybe as time goes on. . .

Fran said...

You didn't post a picture!!! And Sierra is definitely very sweet, it'll be interesting to see the dinamics when the little one is born. Much love, Fran