Saturday, November 7, 2009

(Slightly) updated pics...

Just for you Fran!

I totally forgot to upload from the previous 2 weeks. Dan took a 36w1d pic last night, and now the damn camera is dead AGAIN so I can't download it. I swear, I have the worst luck with batteries. I just need to by a new rechargable pack and be done with it.
34 weeks...

35 weeks...starting to look VERY worn down...and those jeans I seems to be wearing in every pic? Well, they don't fit anymore. I mean, they fit, but they constantly fall down, just a hassle.

And just so Dan gets in on some of the picture action, here's us and our very good friend Scott who moved to Hawaii this week:( We got one last pic before he left. I was chugging the water that night, while they were chugging the Guiness and and I was very jealous...and please don't judge me b/c my headband and sweater don't match...it had been a long day. THis is sometime b/t 34 and 35 weeks.

And finally...must give some love to Sierra. I took this several months ago, after nursery furniture had been delivered. Note that our condo is NOT big, maayyybbeee 1100 sq feet, on a good day. There aren't many places she can hide; but on this particular day we could NOT find her. She was chilling in the nursery:) And yes, sneak peak of nursery from quite awhile ago. I hope to have better pics by the end of the weekend.


Fran said...

Thank you petal!! You look fab as usual, I know the last few weeks must be the toughest, but you are nearly there. Give a hug to Sierra for me also. Love, Fran

Jennifer said...

You look wonderful! Not too much longer!!