Sunday, November 22, 2009

Passing the time...

Still here. Nothing to report really. The knife stabbing feeling in my cervical area was pretty strong last night, but still nothing but a bunch of contractions that didn't do a darn thing. So here we sit.

I thought I'd pass the time taking/posting a few nursery pics so here we go! I love how it turned out. Girly but not too girly/feminine; you definately wouldn't mistake it for a boy room (I hope). There was a lot more I planned to do, but really just got too tired. The walls are still bare for the most part, but that's on purpose. I'm hoping to have some pictures to hang, and wanted to give those priority over shelving and other decorations.

We had some maternity pics taken a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping at least one of those will go in there. Plus, we're scheduled to take Sophia for a newborn professional photo session in her first 2 weeks--hoping I like those and will be able to use at least one in the nursery.

THe walls are a caramel-y/cafe au lait color. Furniture is Bonavita Peyton. The crib converts to toddler and then full size bed.

I was hoping this would show the dust ruffle more, but not so much. I made it, and it matches the curtains.

Changing table that will hold a hutch if we want to buy it down the road. Yes, I got a wipe warmer...against my better judgement. Seems silly to me, but I needed things for my registry and I got it. It certainly can't hurt. The nursery is the draftiest room we have, so at least Sophie's bum will be nice and warm this winter:)

Chest of drawers with the beginnings of stuffed animal/book collection:) Oh and scissors...yes I'll move those. I took the tags of the stuffed animals right before I took the picture. Yes, I'm still de-tagging.

A not so great pic of the curtains I made. I really should have taken these earlier in the day-the light is really crappy. And my lampshade project was a big FAIL so the lamp is compliments of Target.

Framed initials I made on the farwall. I wanted to take that project further, but ran out of patience.

Rug compliments of Target. I really struggled to find one I liked and just happened upon this one a few weeks ago.
Last but not least, our rocker/glider from Best Chairs. It's from the Story Book collection, but I honestly have no idea which one. My one regret is that I didn't flip the upholstery and get the chair in chocolate brown and piping in the sand color. Oh well. I LOVE this chair and it hasn't even been used yet!

So there it is. All that furniture in a tiny little room where Sophie will reside and play for the next few years.


Stacy said...

Everything looks great!!! Sophia is going to love her room.

Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

Your nursey is gorgeous. Where did you get that chair?