Thursday, November 19, 2009

No news from uterusville yet

Just thought I'd post about NO news, in case I don't get a chance to post with NEWS. I have to admit, I really thought last night was "it." I was contracting alot all evening, but then when I went to bed they all stopped. I also had this CRAZY shock-like pain in my cervical area (I can only assume). Dr. S said when I feel something like that it's typically her dropping even more, or increased dilation. Until last night, this pain has only come with walking, and is enough to stop me in my tracks. It's very similar to the sciatic feeling, only in my cervix. I was laying in bed, talking to Dan when it happened and I must have gotten a crazed look on my face, which caused him to have a crazed look. I just told him that I might be waking him up, so not to sleep too soundly:)

However, after that it was uneventful. My sleep continues to go downhill though. I took a Tylenol PM at 9:30 and slept from 10-1:15. I was then wide awake until about 5:30, and then alarm went off at 6. Lovely. The funny thing is, I'm not kept awake by anxiety or any ruminating thoughts. I just lay there. Completely.wide.awake. Thinking about nothing really. So annoying.

After work today I'm off to Target to stock up on some last minute things like nursing tanks and other "fun" items I'll need post-delivery. Dan's home today taking care of some last minute things on our to-do list, and we have new living room furniture being delivered today:)

So for now...I'm just going along minding my own business. I have noticed a major decrease in her movement today. Is she finally out of room???

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Alicia said...

It wont be long now! Wishing you a speedy delivery! Bless you!