Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready for solids

As much as I hate to say it, I think little Miss Sophia is ready to expand her horizons. Dr R told us it was fine to start her with rice anytime between 4-6 months. I was pushing for 6 months; Dan was pushing for earlier. I can't say we were fighting about it, but it was becoming a topic of bickering for sure. I brought it up at our last therapy appt, just to put it "out there." He finally admitted that he thought pushing it off would put her at a disadvantage developmentally. I told him (as I had several times before) that we HAVE to start by 6 months, and it's not like we'd be putting it off until she is 1. Why is it that he only HEARS what I say in the therapy office, but not at home?!?! I guess that makes it worth paying the therapist! My argument for putting it off was "why mess with a good thing?" I mean, she's obviously thriving. Anyhoo...we came to an agreement on 5.5 months, which puts as at May 19.

However, the past several days she has REALLY been interested in our food, and watching us eat. If I'm holding her and trying to take a drink, she'll reach out for my glass. I bought a box of rice cereal this past weekend (whole grain, organic of course!), and now that it's in the house, I'm feeling the need to break-down and let her try it. That thought though, is countered by my desire to want her to continue nursing exclusively. Who would have thought I'd EVER feel that way? Certainly not me, or the people who know me well. But, for me, there are so many feelings wrapped up with nursing her.
1) It's a source of pride to look at her healthiness (for lack of a better term) and know that I'm the sole reason.
2) I suppose there is a bit of control mixed in with the idea also, that I am the ONLY one who can do this one little thing for her. Once she starts "eating" I'll be dispensible. I don't like that feeling.
3) I LOVE the private time I get to spend with her, although I still hold strong to the idea that it's not really bonding. I see starting solids as the beginning of the end to that and it makes me sad.

Those reasons are obviously outweighed by the fact that she needs to do this. It's a new step, a big milestone and she's ready. Try as I might, I can't stop her from growing up, nor do I want to.

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Hippie Family... said...

this was a huge deal for me too. I remember it more now that you are saying the same things that I did. Also, I did the same rice cereal and it tore Taryns stomach up, she did not do well on the whole grain alone, I had to mix hers with the beachnut. You'll see that she sleeps more solidy once she's eating the cereal, it's a good thing overall, it feels like such a big step....