Thursday, May 6, 2010

doctors, doctors and more doctors...

Am I a hypochondriac?? It certainly seems like it, doesn't it...but most of the time I'm right! Not today though. Sophie has been pulling on her ear for several days, and has been MUCH more cranky than normal. We got her into to see Dr R, who confirmed no infection, but did pull out a crap load of wax from the ear she's been pulling. She said that might be the culprit. Or, it could be teething. She felt (as I have) some bumps on her lower gum, but nothing substantial.

Since we were there, I brought to her attention a teeny brown spot on the outer rim of Sophie's eye. I had noticed it before her last appt at 4 months, but didn't think much of it primarily b/c it is so hard to see. Unless she looks up, you can't see it since it's on the lower portion of her eyeball. About a week ago I saw it again, so I asked about it today. Dr R had NO idea what it was...so we now have a referral to a child opthamologist. That is scheduled for next Thursday. Fun.

She weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz today, so has gained almost 1.5 pounds in the last month. Holy crap!

I asked Dan if he had done her excercises with her today. He said he tried "but she screamed." Great. This will also be like pulling teeth. How is it that I was able to do the stretches twice before I left for work this morning, AND give her tummy time???!!!! Super mom? I think so:) I do admit that the 2 whole minutes she was on her tummy this morning (before she started screaming) seemed like at least 5 to me. We have a long road ahead of us...

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