Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outgrowing toys...

Apparently Sophia's PT is helping. Dan called today to say "we're in trouble with Soph." First, he needs to learn that is NOT the appropriate thing to say when I answer the phone, since a mom's mind can wander...

She was sitting in her bouncy seat, lifting all the way up into a stomach crunch, and whacked her head on the bar at her feet where we turn the seat on/off. Nice ab strength, girlie:) Yesterday, she reached up and grabbed one of the flowers that hang/spin from her swing, and almost broke the motor in the swing. Luckily, the flowers are detachable, but who knows how much longer she'll be able to use it. We've also starting buckling her in the swing. Up until now, she's just sat in it, somewhat contentedly. I have a feeling all that is about to change.

So, everyone seems to be recommending the Jumperoo. I really wanted to avoid another large bulky toy, but it seems if we want to "contain" her in any way, shape or form, we need to get another piece of baby gear.

Also, I think she might be GROWING (in length). She just seems to have grown longer over the last few days. We started using size 2 diapers last night.

In food news, I totally agree with the comments about making the cereal more runny. I have done that each time, getting more soupy each time. Last night, I think she actually swallowed a bit of it, but who really knows. I'm going to start a veggie on Saturday, and am excited about that!

Her sense of touch seems to be heightened over the last week or so. She constantly is rubbing her fingertips, almost scratching, on whatever happens to be close. She scratches the wall when we are changing her, rubs the sheet when she is in her crib, etc. It's really cute. Also, she now realizes that she can hit two things together and they make a noise. Example: this morning before I left for work she was hanging out in her crib, playing with her links (she LOVES those things!), and banging them against the side of her crib.

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