Monday, May 10, 2010

My first Mother's Day

Yesterday was fantastic. I've been looking more forward to Mother's Day, than to my upcoming birthday. And believe me, I always LOVE my birthday. It was very low-key, and perfect. I had wanted to go to a Mother's Day brunch because, well EVERYONE goes to a Mother's Day brunch so I wanted to as well. However, Dan, the "I know everything about restaurants" guy didn't attempt a reservation at the restaurant I wanted until 3 pm on Saturday. I'm sure you can guess how that went. So, instead of getting upset, I thought outside the box and we ended up having a lunch at a place I've been wanting to try. We walked around for awhile afterwards and noticed that Sophie was getting a little too much color on her cheeks, so opted not to go to the zoo which was going to be our next step after lunch.

I spent alot of time with her, just snuggling, and playing, and soaking in her adorableness:) It was a really great day, not over-hyped in my head at all. Dan gave me a fabulous gift card to get a massage and I really can't wait to use it! And it was SO nice to hear all the Mother's Day wishes. Very surreal. I remember 2 years ago on Mother's Day I was out shopping and someone wished me a "happy Mother's Day." I can still feel the devastation I felt after he said it. I just didn't have the energy to be bitchy and explain that not everyone is/can be a mother. So I just said thank you and went on my way. But I'll never forget it.

I also thought alot yesterday about all my friends still struggling to get pregnant. I know the pain that Mother's Day can bring. I get the idea of not wanting to get out of bed, let alone leave the house on a day that celebrates what continues to elude you. It's so hard, and even though I was able to celebrate, I still can feel that pain.
Mother's Day!!!

Fun with her Exersaucer.

Cool girl with her shades:)

I love this one, because she started in the middle of the blanket, and somehow ended up with half of her body OFF the blanket:)

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Fran said...

Oh Stacey, you look so fab! Hapy mother's day my friend. Fran