Thursday, May 21, 2009

NT scan at 12 weeks

First things first. 12 weeks today. HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a nice long visit with McBaby today. The tech needed certain pics and baby was just not cooperating. Since that was the reason we were there, we had no choice but to get a nice long look.

Everything looked great! I asked if she would please appease me and show me the h/b before getting to what she was trying to do. She did, and it was there (162bpm) and I instantly relaxed.

We got to see fingers and toes and a big belly and skinny little legs:-) We were just in awe. I think we both could have sat there all day, just looking. Once she zoomed out for the full body look, I started crying. There was our baby, head to toe, looking wonderful and the tears started flowing. Poor tech thought she was hurting me. Dan explained that I get "like that" alot these days;-) The only result we got today was that one of the measurements needed to be less than 3, and ours was 1.2 so that's good. The rest will come via postcard in 7-10 days. I'm not too worried. I'm not worried at all actually.

She *did* make a gender prediction and I hate to put it here, but it's like a secret we can't keep. She guessed GIRL. JUST A GUESS. She didn't see an inkling of anything "extra." Now, I know that the guess would be more likely to be right if it was a boy, since it's hard to miss something if it's there. McBaby could still be a boy...just a slow grower if you know what I mean;-)

Anyhoo...that's my story for the day. Next u/s will be the BIG u/s at 20 weeks, where we can confirm gender.


Lakshmi said...


Cathy said...

Oh that is SOOO exciting! I would have cried too :) What a great way to gear up for a nice long weekend!!

Heidi said...

I even think I see a wee nasal bone there, which added to your nuchal measurements is even more indicative of a nice, normal, healthy baby. Woo hoo!

Glad "she" (we'll know for sure in a few weeks, I guess) is doing well and that you are, too!

theworms said...

Sounds like a great day! So glad everything is cooking just right in there.

Jennifer said...

That's wonderful!! Great u/s pics :-) Congrats again momma!

Kristin said...

Very exciting!

I think that she can tell by the heartbeat... they say that a boy's heartbeat is lower than a girl's. To be in the 160's might be cluing her in to that.

We found out yesterday that we're having a boy and a girl! yippee!! So excited!