Friday, May 1, 2009

First OB appt...

It went well! The nurse had documented my Tues spotting episode, so Dr. S did an u/s. I totally wasn't expecting that, and it was nothing like the high tech machine they have at the RE office, but we got to see a fuzzy McBaby and its little beating heart:-) I actually think that Dr. K sent her a note about me (she said she was going to), and probably mentioned that I could be a bit high maintainance. Instead of scheduling my next appt for 4 weeks, I go again in 13 days. YAHOO!!!! Very excited about that. I can handle these little chunks of time.

Dr. S answered alot of our questions. She really pushed excercising NOW (walking, yoga, etc), and watching the carbs. I told her carbs are about all I can stomach and she said that's fine for now, but I need to gradually cut back on them. In her ideal world I will gain no more than 30 pounds. That seems reasonable, based on all the IF weight I packed on.

She also discussed the NT scan in some detail. This is the scan where among other things they can access the markers for Down's Syndrome. She's a big proponent of it. I was really 50/50 going into the appt. After talking with her though, Dan really wants it done. It has to be done between 11-14 weeks, so I need to schedule that soon. Can I admit that for selfish reasons, I'm excited about it, b/c it means we get to see McBaby again??

All in all, my first appt as a "normal" pregnant lady was ok. Seems like I still got a few bonuses...which I feel I've earned.


Fran said...

That's a great news! I'm delighted it went well and that you got to see the little one again! Not long until the next time and if you'll do the NT you'll see him/her in no time at all! Love, Fran

Hippie Family... said...

sounds like all is going well!!! YAAA