Thursday, August 6, 2009

Papaya take 2

I'm feeling a little robbed. I don't have a new update this week; McBaby's supposedly a papaya again (and next week too)! Today I am 23 weeks pregnant. Unbelievable. And in the wacky conversion of gestational weeks to months, that also means I am 6 months pregnant. Doubly unbelievable.

Little papaya has been kicking and moving:) Last Saturday morning I was lying in bed and saw my belly move. Very surreal, also very alien-esque. Of course, I barely moved for another 20 minutes hoping she would do it again, but no luck.

She seems to be awake around 9 am, and then also pretty active again when I go to bed. I assume it's the lack of motion when I'm trying to fall asleep that wakes her up. I can't put into words what it means to feel this baby inside of me. It's real now. Hopefully no more freak outs about heart rates and such. This is the reassurance I need. Although on Sunday she was very quiet, so the paranoia started to seep in...but I just let it go. I have to believe that all is going ok in there.

My next OB appt is tomorrow. I think she might actually measure my belly this time. Still not a lot of weight gain. By my scale, I think I've gained 14 total, which would be up 3 from my last appt. We'll see if the OB scale says something similar. At any rate, I'm staying pretty much on track.

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Fran said...

Your little papaya is the first blog baby i ever met. Since she was in the petri dish actually. When she'll be born it'll be a milestone for me too. Lots of love, Fran