Friday, August 14, 2009

Papaya take 3

Yes, she is a papaya again this week, although I venture to guess a slightly bigger one as my belly seems to be growing. I have had an insatiable hunger the past several days, but have no desire to eat past about 4 pm. The reflux is back with a vengance and worse than ever:( I'm getting ready to break down and try something OTC (besides Tums). A few nights ago I had a tomato for dinner. It probably didn't do a darn thing for the reflux, but it's all that sounded good. And, since I grew it on our deck, I figured was as healthy as I could get. I'm also back to craving carbs...which includes two breakfasts this week of 2 doughnuts, one glazed and one chocolate covered with pudding middle. Then an hour later the reflux starts.

Plans are coming along though:) The nursery is painted (and miracle of miracles the paint color received Dan's approval-either that or he just didn't want to piss me off!); I just need to touch-up a few spots. The fabric has been purchased. I have picked out the crib and will order that in a week or two. In my head, I see it coming together and I can't wait to see the finished product. I took a "before" pic of the room, which for the past 6 years has been the spare bedroom (aka junk pit). I hope to see a major transformation in the "after" pic.

The shower date is set! And I just got word this morning that my department will also be throwing us a shower, so that's fun (although I seriously hate the attention)! The registry is just about done, although I still feel completely at a loss for what we will actually need vs. what is trendy/fun/non-essential, etc. We don't have room for trendy/fun, we have room for the necessities, and I'm doubtful we have room for ALL of the necessities! Plus, I don't want to look like a present whore when people look at the registry, but there are a lot of "supposed" necessities!

The best part though is that little Miss McBaby has been moving around ALOT in there. I've had no more near-anxiety attacks wondering what's going on. She's kicking and moving and I can feel it from the outside and in. It's beyond words:)

Here's the 24 week belly picture! I'm seeing definate progress!


Lisa said...

Your on a roll! Sounds like things are all coming together nicely : ) Love the bump shot!

andrea said...

Beautiful!! I had a total meltdown over the paint color, I'm glad Dan was smarter. What did you pick?

Hippie Family... said...

the best part, 4 more weeks and you can do kick counts and you'll feel ever better then!

Hippie Family... said...

ok - and registry -- my take
1. I would swap out the potty for one that turns into a step stool or has a good lid that makes a step to the sing, it really saves space not having BOTH in the bathroom at once.
2. make sure that you have larger sizes of clothes, trust me, people love buying the tiny tiny clothes, take things home, look at them think of the seasons and TAKE STUFF BACK before you lose all the money on them.
3.Dr Browns, - they are a BITCH to clean, they have this straw thing in the center and you have to clean it with a little metal thing and it's ..... it's just no fun @ 3 am... I used the playtex disposable, and so did most of my friends, just save one or two dr browns if you need them. I am betting you wont - and they won't work with out all the parts.
4. the spoons with the metal ends work well, but don't dish wash them too much or the break down. also you'll use toddler spoons and FORKS with metal tips sooner than you think, throw some of those on there.
5. the safety first monitor, we've had ours and had it on for 16 months, and LOVE IT!!
sweetie, I hate to tell you this ans stress you out, but you really GOTTA ADD MORE STUFF!!!
I would add more bibs, the ones with the pocket at the bottom are good.
look at the closet dividers - they are a good investment.
absolutely get a bottle cooler, they are a life saver and you use them for years.
I would add a hip hammock or other carrier, toys for sure, the lamaze are fun and cute and active.
(that above was bbru)
(this is targ)
I had those bath toys and my parents as teachers rep said that they are bad because of mold. they wont drain fully.
I am not sure if you have any other registries after this but I've not seen an exersaucer, but we do have that highchair and love it, we also have the prince lionheart booster seat with the soft top, it's great to travel with.
I would also add one of those car seat covers for winter. they are better great.
I think you did really well, better than me, I had an insane amount of things.

man, this is so long...