Wednesday, August 26, 2009

99 days and the BIG name reveal:)

99 days until McBaby's scheduled arrival date of December 3. Dan and I are both guessing she'll actually come on December 2, not sure why. We'll see! Either way, we can't wait...we're both getting very antsy. Me for this pregnancy to be over LOL, and Dan b/c he is just impatient!

Since I outted myself on Facebook this morning, I figured it was time to out myself here too. We've had the name picked for several weeks. Dan (I could have punched him) put it on FB right away. I just needed a little more time to digest, to get used to it, to make sure it was right. Plus, I liked keeping the secret to ourselves:) I have shared with anyone who has asked though, so I haven't been completely selfish:)

and McBaby's name will be...Sophia Brynn.

We love both names together and separate. It's just...right, it's us. To Dan (and most people I'm sure), she will be Sophie. I however, have claimed the right to use Sophia whenever I like:)

The other front runner for first name was Abigail. We went back and forth MANY times. We tried calling her Abby, then Sophie, then Abby...you get the picture. A middle name was tougher. I was REALLY, REALLY set on Hope. Not particularly b/c I liked the name, but the meaning was just right on. When it didn't seem like I would win that battle I tried Faith...that had even less appeal to Dan (meaning he said no way). I couldn't imagine giving her a name that he really couldn't stand, so I graciously dropped it and we started over again. Both of our middle name are Lynn...we debated that for about 30 seconds...but I grew up HATING my middle name so I couldn't imagine giving it to her. Brynn just sort of "happened." I've always liked the name (and we actually debated it for a first name for a bit). Once I said it out loud, we knew it just worked:) So there you have the name battle.


Bluebird said...

Absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to meet her :)

Fran said...

Fantastic! Of course no one is going say "what?? oh my God the poor child.." But I do LOVE the name really!! Can't wait to see the first pics of her! Love, Fran

Rebekah said...

I LOVE it!!! Beautiful...as I'm sure she will be :)