Friday, August 7, 2009

23 week appt...check:)

McBaby and I got a clean bill of health this morning. I'm up 2 pounds (and that was with shoes on) from 4 weeks ago. I guess that makes it a total of between 12-13 pounds. She said it was perfect. I asked when most weight gain happened and she said right now, which may explain my increased appetite. Once I hit 25 weeks I *should* gain about a pound a week. At this rate, I should be right in line with a 30ish pound total weight gain. I'm glad she didn't tell me how "small" I look. People continuing to tell me that is giving me a serious complex. Trust me people I'm NOT starving myself. And of all the times in my life I would love to be called small, this is not one of them.

She also measured my belly for the first time and again said "perfect."

We talked a bit about my freak-out last week and my impromptu appt to hear heartbeat. She told me it was normal and perfectly fine, and that if I feel like that again do not hesitate to call/come in. Made me feel better.

McBaby's heartbeat was in the 140's. She said normal is within 120-160, and at this point alot depends on if baby is sleeping or awake. Plus, I guess it's normal to start slowing down?

Next appt they will test me for gestational diabetes. They gave me this lovely bottle of orange colored sugar to drink before my next appt. Can't wait.

And here is my 23 week picture. Not much different than last week, except for my killer sexy evening attire (and Sierra trying to get in on the action). Poor Dan said "I just took your picture." Um, no that was last week. I had to explain to him that this is an every week thing now. He just rolled his eyes...but he took it, and will be glad he did:) And btw...the door I'm standing in front of is the door to the nursery:)


Fran said...

Oh Stacey, you are lovely and I'm delighted things are going well! I re-read your earlier posts at the beginning of your pegancy as I was a bit concerned about my beta value being low, but you gave me so much hope we can be ok too. Love, Fran

Lakshmi said...

you look bigger mamma!

Rebekah said...

Great report! Jordan says the same things about the pictures! Silly boys :)