Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where are the pictures???

I got a fun package on Friday!!! Catina had 3 pregnancy/baby related books shipped to me via Am.azon. 1) Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy, 2) So that's what they are for??, and 3) Happiest Baby on the Block. She is a new mom, and was going to loan her copies to me, but thought I needed my own:-)

"So that's what they are for" is all about breast feeding. Dan's first comment as he was leafing through it was "where are the pictures." Lovely. I'm happy he's interested though:-)

Symptoms wise...nauseau is kicking me butt. No puking yet, but getting in the car in the morning has been an adventure. The motion sickness is just horrid. Think I might start carrying a bag around with me.

Our 2nd u/s is tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried, but I am definately more NOT worried, than worried. There is always a chance that there won't be a heartbeat. For those that have researched m/c, it's not as irrational a thought as it seems. Heartbeats stop all the time between u/s. My continued symptoms are keeping me positive.


Hippie Family... said...

we just weaned so I seriously reccomend the nursing. but it will change his outlook after your engorged and leaking and the baby's crying and he needs to find the pump and put it together at 2 am so you can let down.. the boobs, lose a little love after that :D
hope the ms goes away soon.. there's never a true fix. everyone is different.
other than that. all sounds good. I'll start paking up some of my books for you if you run out. DONT GET WHAT TO EXPECT.. it's horrible.. the website is actually better than the book so if your in the mood, sign up there :D

Just Caz said...

Hope your feeling better soon.
Wishing you all the best with the ultra sound.

Stacy said...

Hooray, you have books! :-)

Good luck at the u/s today. I can't wait to see more pics.

And I hope you feel better soon.

Kristin said...

Let us know how it goes!! Hope it's a great u/s!

Jennifer said...

I hope you're feeling better soon...the nausea does go away, I swear (well, for me at least)! Enjoy the books. You've got lots of reading to do!

Mel ~ Psyched for Baby said...

We got the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD after seeing a short video clip at one of our child birth classes. Amazing I tell ya! I hope our baby girl comes with that shut-off switch.