Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sex and Tums

Sounds like the latest country song, huh?? I was just informed by Dan that these are the two questions he has for Dr. K next week...sex and Tums. 1) When can we have sex, and 2) Are Tums ok?

I find it funny that neither of us have been interested in sex, after all the baby making sex that was required (and never worked). And now, suddenly, b/c it's "off limits" Dan is ready to go. Psychological? I think so! We haven't been able to have sex since the day of the ET, doctor's orders. Honestly, even if she ok's it, I'm going to be petrified. Scared to death. We've come so far I don't want to risk anything. Rationally, I *know* it should be ok...but still.

I mentioned my acid reflux and digestive stuff a few days ago. Tums makes it go away. I've heard from so many people it's ok to take (and it's not like I'm eating them like candy), but this is Dan's concern, that they are not good for growing embryo. It's nice to know he cares:-)


Lakshmi said...

pls pls pls don't get those two mixed up, you'll ruin some perfectly good *tums* :):):)

Just Caz said...

your husband sounds so sweet.

I don't know what a tum is.. but if it makes you feel better.. I say do it.
Same for the sex thing..

Heidi said...

I second the "if you feel better, do it" philosophy. I think there's so much brainwashing of pregnant women these days. "OMG, if you have a glass of wine, your baby will have 3 heads or DIE!!!" That's beyond bullshit. Honestly, happier mamas tend to = healthier babies, unless you're mainlining heroin or something. :-) From a practical viewpoint: I see ALL the bad outcomes in the 5 boroughs of NYC, and I can assure you that not a single one in the past several years was due to a tylenol, a tums, a beer, sushi, or a piece of cheese. NOT ONE. So lighten up, and ENJOY what you've worked so hard for. Also, if you're not down with the sex thing yet, I'm sure Dan can find, uh, an alternative. ;-)

Rachel said...

we asked about sex at our 6w u/s too :) Actually I embarrassed DH by asking the question!

But then I couldn't do it till I was out of the first tri. I was too chicken.

Don't know much about tums!

Hippie Family... said...

both are fine, and some women who have an issue with milk take tums for calcium. sign up on their website, you can get some amazing coupons being pregnant! I got some almost free!

worldsex said...

tums are great for acid i highly recommend them

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