Monday, April 20, 2009


Sorry for slacking! I've gotten several e-mails over the past few days, wanting to know if things are ok since I haven't been blogging. The answer is YES, although I've unfortunately had no motivation to do much of anything:-) Things seem to be progressing. My nauseau is becoming more constant; I still feel the best in the early morning. Around 10 am in starts kicking in. I still haven't gotten sick, but it seems like the only thing to make it go away is to eat:-/.

Carbs are my best friend. Fries, bagels, pasta, you name it. I had 2 orders of fries yesterday, at 2 different restaurants, and just got back from lunch at McDonalds. Yum-O:-)

I'm feeling extra tired too...I'm a sleepaholic as it is, so the fatigue is a bit out of control.

Our 2nd u/s is a week from today. We are just praying that all looks good.

And we got our first baby gifts this weekend!!!!! Kelly, Sara and I went out for lunch on Sunday. Kelly brought me a cute little pack of bibs and a J & J starter kit. It was kind of an out of body experience opening it. Like, wow, this is for me, people are giving us stuff for baby!!
And, Andrea, a Nestie friend sent me an adorable journal and book for Dan, The Expectant Father. He actually openend it, and read some. You better believe I got a picture of that!!


Kristin said...

This is so wonderful... thanks for sharing this new journey with us! I was the same way in my first trimester... I couldn't eat enough junk! And I went from being a vegetarian, to a chicken and fish-only eater, to now a full-fledged meat lover. I can't get enough cheeseburgers, steak burritos, and hamburger helper. It's crazy what those hormones to do us! I hope the nausea doesn't get any worse. It was my worst enemy.

Hippie Family... said...

hey - I just got the SW e-mail.. (I didn't mean to put it here but this is the fastest way for met o get to you)


don't forget, book one trip there --- then book a SEPARATE Trip back!! that way you will get them both for $49

Stacy said...

Hope the nausea gets better soon. Glad carbs are your friend. :) And don't you think worktime naps should be mandatory? I am in favor of that.