Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You have got to be kidding me. Really and truly kidding.

I am spotting. Of course Dr. K office closes early on Tuesday so I couldn't talk to anyone there. I called OB and nurse said it is more than likely b/c of the internal u/s yesterday. I'm not cramping so that is a good sign. I told her h/b looked good yesterday, and Dr. K said she saw no reason to worry.

First OB appt is Friday, so I asked if I could get an u/s to ease my mind. They had already told me I wouldn't get one, since Dr. K had already been able to date the pregnancy. Apparently the abdominal u/s machine isn't in the office on Friday? WTH is up with that? She did say that if
Dr. S (OB) couldn't find fetal heart tones wiht the doppler then she would do another internal u/s. Apparently that isn't ideal though b/c if it is the dildo-cam that is irritating my cervix than they don't want to re-irritate.

I'm not horribly worried about it, b/c the rational side of me has heard stories of spotting after u/s many many times. Plus, it's not completely uncommon to spot during the first trimester anyway.

WHY ME? Can't I PLEASE get a free pass? I think I have earned that.


Amanda said...

Oh, I was sad to read this. Not sad thinking anything is wrong...because chances are you and your little one are just fine. But sad that you have to experience spotting at all. It causes so much unnecessary stress and worry and it isn't fair. I am keeping you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers and if you are uneasy about anything...go to the ER. Please keep us posted.

NikkiFudgestick said...

I know you know that spotting is normal in the beginning and after internals, so I won't say it. I'll just say that I'm thinking about you (even though you don't know me) and I'm sure everything will be fine, as sucky as it is just to be there. I'm sorry it's happening, no matter the reason.

Jennifer said...

Hang in there sweetie! I had an internal the day before Thanksgiving (which is the day I told my entire family about the pregnancy), I was fine the entire day...then came turkey day -- I told my family and about an hr later I was full-on bleeding. I panicked, but my RE assured me that since she saw the babies the previous day, she was completely confident that they were going to be okay and the bleeding was likely from the internal. I had to wait until Saturday to be seen again, which felt like FOREVER, but it was nice to get the confirmation that everything was okay. Long story short, try to remain calm. Rest..put your feet up and relax until your next appointment. Please keep us all posted and you'll be in my prayers -- I know how upsetting it is. hugs.

Fran said...

Oh my God, you woudl think you deserve a bit of peace wouldn't you? I am also sure it was just the internal scan that gave you a bit of spotting. Take it easy though and rest as much as possible!

Lakshmi said...

hey, i had some sig spotting around 8+ weeks with alex, i was driving back from my in-laws in sc, freaked went to er, turns out baby was fine, it was the placenta attaching ;) completely good thing. spotting lasted another 4ish weeks - nerve wracking, but kiddo was fine. i'm sure yours is too.