Thursday, May 3, 2012

Revolving door??

We need a revolving door at Child.ren's Hospital. Yesterday was Connor's monthly follow-up with ENT to check on the status of his hemangioma. He's been getting 1 ml 3x daily of Propanalol. I honestly don't check the lump anymore. I figure there are only so many things in my life I can control, and his hemangioma is not one of them. I'm turning it all over to the dr and the medicine, hoping for the best. The night before the appointment, I did check it, meaning I felt it. It felt bigger, more dispersed, further into his cheek. I've never been a good judge of the firmness of the lump, so I didn't notice a difference there. ENT agreed that it seemed bigger, and in her opinion, more firm. It's growing, despite the meds. He had very little weight gain in this last month, just a few ounces, but because the current dose doesn't seem to be working, she upped the Propanalol dose to 1.3 ml TID. She seemed concerned. I'm concerned. We'll revisit this in early June. He's also been pulling at his ears. She didn't see signs of infection, but did notice fluid that was present at the last appt, so she agreed that he needs an antibiotic for that. Great, another med to give;) I think I mentioned many days ago that both babies have been pretty gassy, and we've completely revamped their diet. That change has helped Connor a lot. Avery is still fighting something, couldn't be sure what, but simply tooting and pooping was not easing her pain. For the past several days I've noticed that I can smell her urine. Not just when I change her dipe, but I can even smell it when I walk into a room that she's in. On the way back from the ENT with COnnor, I decided to schedule an appt for her. Better safe than sorry. All I had to say to the nurse was "I can smell her pee" and she wanted to see us the same day. Dan and I played musical cars/musical babies and we end up at the dr 45 minutes later. She sees no indication of a UTI, but she DOES see a pretty major ear infection, which completely came out of left field. I had NO idea! Antiobiotic #2 ordered;) Because I did report the urine smell issue, they wanted to check her urine. They cathed her (oh, what fun), and I saw the pee. It was crystal clear, I was relieved. THey checked it for blood. Negative. Another check off the list. We left the appt thinking that the ear infection is causing the crankiness, but in the back of my mind I was still uncertain about the smelly pee. I get a call from the dr this morning. Not the nurse, not the secretary, but the dr. She's never called before. They grew the culture overnight, and Avery does indeed have a UTI. The dr was shocked. The meds she's taking for the ear infection should also take care of the UTI, but the dr wants us to have a renal ultrasound done. If all is normal, we'll just chalk this up to a random infection. If something is abnormal, they'll do a VSUG, which is a dye test of that region to see if there is blockage.


Anonymous said...

poor kids (and mom and dad) Lakshmi

Fran said...

Oh dear! A lot going on, hopefully it'll resolve soon!