Friday, April 27, 2012

Got fiber?

I swear, if it's not one thing it's another. We're all healthy (knocking on wood), but for the past several days BOTH babies have been incredibly fussy, especially over night. They are clearly having some tummy issues. Their abdomen gets very tight and they just KICK their legs. Mr. Man is so strong I can hear the mattress bouncing when I'm in another room. They scream, and then they (if we're lucky) toot or burp and things seem to be better. I talked with our nurse yesterday who has instructed us to seriously up the fiber in their diet, going as far as keeping a food log. So now, they're both getting 2 oz prune juice 2x daily, cereal mixed back in with their solid foods, and a serious change of the solid foods they've been eating. We're cutting out apples and bananas, and going full steam ahead with pears, prunes, peaches, peas, etc. Avery seemed to be considerably better last night, but poor Connor was really hurting:( I need some serious sleep. Here's hoping the weekend will bring us all a bit of rest (and toots!) And in VERY exciting news...Sophie slept in her bed at least 5 hours last night. It was enough to get me on the bandwagon to keep up with this new accomplishment.

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