Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

After we endured 4 hours from a screaming Connor, the day got progressively better Poor guy. I thought he was teething, but in hindsight I think it was tummy trouble. These two little babies have more issues than I would ever think possible with their stomachs/gas/poop/etc. I’m not sure what more we can deal with in this area then we already have, but you won’t catch me saying that outloud!

I was able to “sleep in” until 7:45, which is quite an accomplishment since Connor’s screaming started at 6:30. Dan gave me a card, which was more than enough, especially considering my semi recent splurges on an IPad and new DSLR camera. I was a bit sad that Sophie’s sitter hadn’t sent anything home for me that Sophie had made

My parents and grandmother came to visit for a bit, and then it was back to business as usual. I did get the almost impossible gift of having each of my 3 babies nap on me. First Connor, who was completely exhausted from his scream-fest, slept on me for an hour. As he was waking, Avery was starting to melt-down so then SHE fell asleep on me. Last but not least, at 3:55, Sophie finally gave in and fell asleep in my arms. I can’t think of much better presents than those.

As Avery fell asleep last night (the first time), I held her for almost an hour, as thoughts of my mother in law floated around in my head. It was Sunday, it was Mother’s Day, and it was gorgeous outside. Under other circumstances, she would most definitely have been at our house, waiting for Dan to finish grilling. I could tell he was thinking about her too. I know he thinks about her often, but there are times when he’ll go to the grocery, or a restaurant, and bring something home that she would have bought. Last night it was asparagus. She loved grilled asparagus, so that’s what we had

I keep thinking about an argument that he and I had a few weeks before she died. I was standing in the kitchen, and he was in the dining room. The twins were about 4 weeks old. We weren’t yelling, but our voices were raised. It was the same disagreement that came up frequently in those days. “You need to quit asking your mom for so much help with the babies.” Don’t get me wrong, she was a tremendous help to us, but I was also of the opinion that we needed to figure out how to do this thing/how to manage, on our own. I will never forget him saying something very close to “she could have a stroke and die tomorrow.” My response was “oh whatever, your mom is not going to DIE.” And then she did.

One of the last things out of Sophie’s mouth last night was “Nana. Gone.” She says it with finality.

And for a few pics of the McBabies…

Pardon Mr. Man’s snot droplet. There is no time in my world right now for Photo Shop!

Avery, Mother’s Day Eve…the twins were almost completely unswaddled, but then the UTI hit (as well as the re-emergence of tummy issues), so I swaddle her as needed. She’s still small enough to fit in there

Santa brought this to Sophie, but it never made it under the tree.

Finally, (hoping this works here), a 25 second video of Sophie and Avery, about 10 pm last night. I have NEVER heard Avery giggle like this. Sophie LOVED the attention she was getting from her. She would dance a bit and Avery would just give these belly laughs. It went on for a few minutes:)

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