Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Time for a little update.

Dan and I went to OB appt on Tuesday. I felt great, have been doing well, so assumed there would be no major drama. WRONG.

As usual, we started out with an ultrasound, that started really well. Baby A is measuring 3 pounds 14 oz and B is 3 pounds 15 oz. Great weights, and it's great that they are sticking so closely together, weight wise.

Baby A is still breach, and Baby B is currently head down with his head on my left side and feet in my ribs. A's heartrate continues to be in the 130's and B's in the 150's.

Sidenote: I'm really thinking that (at least in utero) A has my personality and B has Dan's. A has been curled in up in her little ball, just chilling for the last several weeks. She moves around a bit, but NOTHING like B, lol. He is ALL over the place, and his butt is is usually sticking out of my belly:) He is MUCH more active than A.

The u/s started going downhill when she checked my cervical length. Last week, it was a 43 and this week it is down to a 26 DESPITE all the meds Im taking. Dr. S checked me and I'm still dilated to 1, so no progress there thankfully. She asked me if I was having contrax and I said no. She had me get on a monitor anyway, which showed one contrax in about 20 minutes, but lots of uterine irritability.

So, she sent us "upstairs" to try some meds to calm down my uterus. We went to triage, where they gave me an IV to help hydrate me, as well as a shot of terbutiline to help relax my ute. After a few hours, it was back to normal so luckily I got to go home.

I have an follow-up with Dr. S tomorrow. I'm not really sure what she's going to do though? No u/s scheduled, and I doubt she will check for dilation again. Maybe another FFN test? I'm pretty clueless, unless it is to "talk" more about bedrest, blah, blah.

I do have several questions for her that I didnt get to ask on Tues, so we'll see I guess. Fingers crossed that I will be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night!

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