Sunday, August 14, 2011

32 weeks

I honestly can't believe we made it this far!!! Each day, I feel better and better about babies coming early, if indeed that will happen. We almost went to L & D on Friday night. Dr. P's "rule" is 4-6 contrax per hour, for 2 hours in a row=L & D. Well, hour 1 I had 6. Hour 2, I had 2 and then fell asleep. I couild have had more while sleeping, but I woke up feeling ok.

And because a few people have had qusetions about this...the contrax don't necessarily hurt...so it IS possible to have them while sleeping and not be woken. In my case, it is more of a tightening as far as feeling goes, but it will register on the machine as a contrax. That's just the way my body works I guess. The contrax are what causes the cervix to shorten, so I'm more than a bit concerned about my Dr. P appt on Tues.

How far along: 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 30 pounds, and that's if I'm wearing heavy clothes. I've lost weight the past few weeks.

Maternity clothes: Um, duh! I am mostly in size L. I can still do medium tops, but the pants pretty much have to be large.

Stretch marks: Knocking on wood as I type this, but NO. And yes, I still analyize the belly each morning.

Sleep: As good as it can be for now. I have to stay up until 11 to take my meds. Then, I set my alarm for 3 am, and then again for 7 am. Luckily, I can usually fall back to sleep very easily after the 3 am meds.

Best moment last week: Getting sent home from triage:)

Movement: Baby B is a mover and shaker. He is ALL over the place, seriously. Baby A is more "chill". I feel her move, but not nearly as much as her brother.

Food cravings: No major cravings right now. If anything, I'd have to say sweets.

Gender: Boy and Girl!!

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out: Still an innie. How that is possible, I don't know. It is *this* close to popping out.

Other random yuckiness: Being hydrated means I pee all.the.time. Sometimes every 15 minutes or so. Not yucky really, but not fun.

What I miss: Being able to pick up/carry Sophie:(

What I am looking forward to: each day that the babies are inside.

Taken today at 32 weeks:)

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