Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good follow-up:)

I was so nervous for today's appt. It was scheduled for 11, but at 9:30 they called to tell me that Dr. S wouldn't be in and was it ok to see the nurse practitioner. My immediate response was yes, but then I thought about it and wondered what an NP was going to do for me. So, I called back and asked if Dr. R, the OB that took care of me while Dr. S was on vacation(and I was in in hospital) was available. Turns our, Dr. S WAS able to come in in the afternoon, so they just moved me to her schedule thankfully.

We decided to go out to lunch prior to appt. On the way, I was just SO depressed, miserable. I just felt so defeated, and wondered how I was going to keep on dealing with this. Not a great mood to be in as I headed to the dr.

AFter weighing me, they took me straight back to be monitored for contrax. I was SO freaking nervous. I am officially petrified of that machine, which seems to tell me all the things going on that I can't feel. BUT, after 30 minutes of monitoring things looked good. Not one contrax, and the uterine irritabilty was almost non-existent.

Dr. S came in and told me she was proud of me, so I knew it was good news after that. She asked how the increase in meds were making me feel. I had a feeling it was a loaded question...which it was. My first comment was that the contrax had significantly decreased since the doubling and increase in frequency of Niphedipine had been ordered. Then, I also told her they were making me loopy and very sleepy, and that I was now spending most of my time in bed, whereas a week ago I would at least alternate between bed, couch, chair. Now, I have no motivation to get up. She just smiled and said "yes, it does that too." I think in her mind this increase was also confirmation to her that I really am slowing down.

The Q and A of the appt.
1) Do I need to keep taking meds round the clock (i.e. every four hours)? It was an adamant yes. She went on to say that my body is just one that needs the constant meds. She said usually this only happens in first pregnancies, and the only reason she can think that it's happening to me is because of my small frame. Basically, my body is done, and the great weights of the babies are only validating that thought.

2) Is hospital bedrest inevitable? Her answer was no, but that I should expect a few short stays between now and "the end."

3) What is the goal? I asked this, b/c on Tues she mentioned 36 weeks, but prior to that she talked about 34 week, as did Dr. P. Her response was 36 weeks, and when I brought up the fact that Dr. P had suggested taking me off meds at 34 weeks, she explained that only one of the meds (Indocin) would be stopped at that time. This is the one that tends to reduce amniotic fluid. I will stay on Niphedine, which stops the contrax, until 36 weeks, should I make it that far.

I think there were more questions, but these were the biggies.

So, next appt next Tues with Dr. P. Hoping for a very uneventful 5 days between now and then.

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