Tuesday, August 2, 2011

specialist appt today

Today, I had an ultrasound, and then my first out-patient visit with Dr. P. Both Dan and I assumed I'd be admitted. Since meeting Dr. P two weeks ago, we've talked with several of his previous patients and they have ALL had some sort of hospital bedrest, ordered by him.

However, the u/s was great. Babies look good. Baby A is STILL way low and still breech, hanging out in what feels like my hip area. Obviously she can't be that low, but that is what it feels like. Her heartrate was 138. Baby B is ALL over my upper right quadrant, Head in my ribs, butt on my left side and feet up by my lungs. How is that even possible??? Heart rate was about 150.

The GREAT news is that my cervix was measuring 43. So, a slight change from last week, but still very normal. Slight funneling still, but he wasn't worried. Dr. P thinks I'll have no problem making it to 34 weeks.

Things we learned today.
1) Indocin, one of the main meds I'm taking to stop contrax will most likely be stopped at about 34 weeks. At that point, the risk to babies outweighs the benefits, all having to do with lowering the amniotic fluid.

2) 50% of women go into labor in the 34 hours after they stop their meds.

3) Babies born at 35 weeks have a 50% chance of going home with parents.

So, the important topic for our next visit, which will be at 32w2days is when to stop the meds. As of today, he thinks all can be stopped at 34 weeks and we'll see what happens.

The important topic for my next visit with OB is delivery method, and if my OB is comfortable attempting a vaginal delivery if Baby B is breech at the time of delivery. Obviously, if Baby A is breach at delivery time we HAVE to do a C Section. I'm not thrilled with this at all, and just hope there is enough time for her to get in the right position. Dr. P was NOT a proponent of Baby A vaginal and Baby B c-section. I said "yeah, that seems like a double whammy as far as recovery" and he said "it's much more than a double whammy" but didn't really expand, and I was not ready to have that conversation.

So, here I am at 30w2d, measuring 38 weeks (yikes). I've lost about 4 pounds, which I'm assuming is probably just lost muscle from the bedrest. STILL no stretch marks (fingers crossed)! I can lighten up the bedrest a bit, but he said a trip to Target was "too ambitious":(

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