Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Geez Louise I need to catch up. Updates since my last post include:
1) A babymoon!
2) Mother's Day
3) Sophie is 17 months!
4) I am 18 weeks pregnant!!

I'm going to tackle the first two now, as they *sort of* go hand in hand. Dr. S told us at our first prenatal appt that if we wanted to travel it
a) has to be before 20 weeks
b) has to be within the US
c) is best to leave Sophie at home.

I did fine with the first two requirements, but the third was much harder.

In the end, we went to St. Pete Beach in Florida. It was great. I did nothing, lol. Beach in the AM, pool in the PM, lather, rinse, repeat. Sophie stayed with my parents for the first 3 days, and with Dan's mom for the final two. It was SO hard leaving her. My parents dropped us at the airport, so she was in the car when we got out. She definately looked distressed, like she knew something wasn't right, but my mom says she never cried. I, on the other hand, was a mess. Cried checking in, cried going through security, weepy while in line for breakfast.

Dan and I both agreed we're not leaving her again. Night time was hardest for me, since our routine is that she falls asleep with me. Plus, I didn't have alcohol to drown my sorrows:(

We got home the Sat night before Mother's Day, and spent that day very low key, unpacking, hanging with Sophie, just getting back into our routine.

Two pics from the trip, one of which is an obvious belly shot at 17w5d.

Mother's Day 2011, 18 weeks

More tomorrow....

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